Personal Profile

Personal Profile

I am fully aware that doing my own inner work has been essential and life-giving both for me and for my clients.  I believe that sitting on the couch across from a therapist has been invaluable learning.

Inner Child work, 12-Step Programs, the Enneagram, along with other tools and techniques have helped me on many levels. This work has given me the opportunity to share the language, understanding, and the foundation of these tools with my clients. It’s been said that Personal growth is “solitary work that can’t be done alone”. I have walked through all my personal journeys with a therapist, sponsor, teacher, spiritual director, coach, and minister.  This is the reason I can so clearly see the benefits of walking alongside my clients, sharing in their journey first hand. I am a better therapist because of my personal work.

It is critical to ‘put yourself in the patient’s shoes’ and truly understand the client’s present situation. For these reasons, I am currently putting much of my life’s energy in teaching the Enneagram to Counselors, Psychologists, Coaches, Spiritual Directors, Ministers, and all others in the helping profession.

“Enneagram Training for Therapists and Other Helping Professionals” is my training series.  My hope is that many in the helping profession will experience the transformational benefits of this invaluable ancient tool, called the Enneagram. And that they will understand how to use it for themselves and for their clients.

On a personal note, I live in the White Rock Lake area in East Dallas with my husband Jerry and our 4-legged best friend, Emma, a Labrador/English Pointer rescue.  We have no children other than the hundreds I have taught and counseled over the years. Jerry and I consider Emma very “child-like”.  She certainly gives us a lot of pleasure, love, and she seems to cost as much as a child at times.

I am on the board for Pastoral Reflections Institute, a non-profit established in 2010 by Monsignor Don Fischer (my brother), that provides spiritual workshops, lecture series, retreats, and pilgrimages that give participants the opportunity to deepen and enrich their understanding of their spiritual journey on earth.

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“I’m a better therapist because of my personal work.”