Enneagram Training

                            My Fall training schedule will be announced soon!

 Using the Enneagram in your Practice

Training Objectives

This training will provide you with a collection of handouts on specific activities and techniques to use with your clients. They are designed to help your clients understand themselves and follow the path to take for personal in-depth growth.  The tools will revolve around the following topics…

  • How to best introduce the different facets of the Enneagram to your clients
  • Providing guidance in their determining their core number
  • Description of Triads which includes the way we relate to people and how that effects our life
  • Description of the Stances, the 3 centers of intelligence and the importance of using all three
  • Balancing the 3 centers of intelligence
  • Introduction of Wings with specific information about the energy or behaviors we pick up from our wings
  • Understanding how to use the number they go to in stress, explaining the effects of going to the high side and low side of their stress number.  This will teach your client how to care for him/her self.
  • Knowledge of the effects of going to their number in security.  This plays a specific role in being balanced and whole.

Also included

  • What you need to know about yourself and your core number before using the Enneagram in your practice
  • What you need to know about your clients before using the Enneagram within their sessions
  • How to best use the path of the Enneagram to elicit positive change for your clients