Enneagram Training Objectives

Training Description and Objectives 

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Level I: “Using the Enneagram in Your Life”

The heart of Level I is freestanding in itself for your own personal development, the focus is on you. It is a movement from basic knowledge to understanding what it means to fully integrate the Enneagram in your personal life.  This allows you to begin mastering a growth process that will transform you and your relationship with others in your life.

In level I, you will come to understand the Enneagram through personal use and growth. You will find the truth of who you are, the gifts that you were given at birth and how to best use those gifts today.  It is about reducing your ego and your unhealthy beliefs and behaviors so you can return to your essence, the best person God intended you to be.

Level I is the starting point to become proficient in teaching the Enneagram or using the Enneagram in your practice as a helping professional. It can be taken by helping professionals to begin your self-awareness and growth or to enhance the depth of what you currently know about the Enneagram.  Level I can also be taken by anyone who would like to go deeper into self-awareness and self-care.

Level I is a pre-requisite to Level II for those who have not begun their own inner work through the wisdom of the Enneagram.

Objectives for Level I

  1. Know your core number
  2. Understand your basic fear in life and how that relates to your motivation behind your personal beliefs and behaviors
  3. Know how certain numbers that you are organically drawn to will enhance your personal and spiritual growth
  4. Understand the three levels of intelligence, head (thinking), body (doing), and heart (feeling).
  5. You will learn to incorporate all three Centers of Intelligence – mind, body and heart
  6. Develop an understanding of other’s worldview, helping you to be more present and openhearted, and compassionate, giving you tools to work together for the good of all
  7. You will learn how the three Centers of Intelligence fit into Triads and Stances and how that will enhance your understanding of yourself and find balance in your life
  8. You will understand how we can take on energy from the number we go to in stress and in security, both the low and high sides of each
  9. Become familiar with an array of Enneagram based activities and therapeutic tools that can be beneficial for you in working through your personal issues and vulnerabilities

Level II: “Using the Enneagram in Your Practice”

Level II teaches you to apply your understanding of the Enneagram in your professional life, in a setting such as Counseling, Coaching, Pastoral work, Business, Education, and the Medical field. The focus is on helping those you have been called to help.

Understanding the Enneagram comes from doing your own work, not just reading about it. Doing the work means it has become a part of you and of your search for your true self, the person you were at birth before your caretakers and society dictated who they needed you to be. You being active in your inner work using the Enneagram will enable you to proceed with Level II: Using the Enneagram in Your Practice.

This training will provide you with a collection of handouts on specific activities and techniques to use with your clients.  They are designed to help your clients understand themselves and follow the path to take for personal in-depth grown.


Objectives for Level II

The following objectives will deepen your understanding of…

  1. How your core number, as a helping professional, can influence your work with your clients
  2. How to provide guidance in helping your clients determine their core number
  3. How the Enneagram assists in naming the basic fears that are limiting your clients
  4. How to help your client recognize his/her motivation behind their behaviors
  5. How to explain the Triads and Stances to your clients
  6. How to help your clients integrate the three Centers of Intelligence into their decisions and actions
  7. How to explain what 4 numbers your client organically goes to in regards to stress, security and their two wings
  8. How your clients can use the number they go to in stress, explaining the effects of going to the high side and low side of their stress number. This will teach your client how to better care for him/her self
  9. How to teach your client the effects of going to their number in security and how this plays a specific role in being balanced and whole
  10. Become familiar with an array of Enneagram based activities and therapeutic tools that can be beneficial for your clients’ working through their personal issues and vulnerabilities