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Enneagram Training 


Level I: Using the Enneagram in Your Life

Level I is an introductory to the Enneagram.  It is designed for those of you who have not yet begun your own personal journey with the Enneagram.  It is also a great way to enhance your current personal journey.  The Enneagram is invaluable to learning more about your true self, about your strengths and weaknesses and a way to have a new found love and compassion for yourself and others. Handouts will be given for reference to what you will learn.

Level I is a prerequisite to Level II for any helping professional who would like to begin or enhance their personal journey.  It is essential that you have begun experiencing the Enneagram in your own life prior to teaching or using it in your practice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Level I does not require any previous knowledge of the Enneagram and is open to everyone.


Level II: Using the Enneagram in Your Practice 

Level II is for the helping professional who would like to use the Enneagram in their practice.  It is meant for counselors, psychologists, life and business coaches, spiritual directors, pastoral work, educators, businesses, and medical fields.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Level II teaches you to apply your understanding of the Enneagram in your professional life.  This training will provide you with a collection of handout on specific activities and techniques to use with those you are helping.


Small Group Intensive

The group intensive is for those professionals who are interested in diving deeper into the Enneagram.  Each number is discussed in detail, additional modes of treatment for each number will be discussed through book discussions. The group is limited in number and requires a 9 month commitment.  Group members will meet twice a month, once in my office and once via Zoom. (this may change depending on the needs of the group)

                                                            Training Dates

                                                                                                           No teachings or events are scheduled at this time